Since 1984, TelWare has helped thousands of customers make the right decisions with technology. With over $3 billion in sales, we have the experience and vision to navigate changing technology — and the agility for success. 

One of our greatest values is our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. As a leading managed-service provider, we develop partnerships based on collaboration communication, and results to design solutions that meet the customer's specific needs. 

Specializing in multi-site customers, TelWare has solutions for all types of environments, from office to factory, retail to a warehouse, school to a hospital, renovations to new construction. Whether you need copper or fiber-optic structured cabling added to an expansion suite, a new VoIP hosted phone system for a growing office, or paging installed in a warehouse, TelWare has you covered. If you need cellular signal-boosting equipment for your supermarket, IP video-surveillance cameras for building security or audio/video in a meeting room, TelWare will provide cost-effective solutions. We can even help you keep remote users or groups connected with the use of conferencing and IP technologies. 

TelWare can provide support for every step of your IT project, including planning, installation, and user training. We can provide local and long-distance voice services and internet data services. We can assist your IT department with your data network or become your IT department. TelWare can integrate all forms of communication, including phone, voicemail, email, mobile devices, and databases. 

Now, you can keep in touch with your most important contacts no matter where you are. 


Reliable High-Performing Data Centers

We use the best mega and largest data centers in the USA in order to provide excellent service to you, our customer. With 970,000 sq. ft. of total space, four power feeds, and fully redundant internet service managed by network engineers means we are able to drastically reduce your expenses. We do the heavy lifting and serve as your personal IT infrastructure.

Data centers colocation not only cuts down on expenses of new infrastructure required to manage a network, but also provides a great deal of protection from disasters such as fires, floods, power shortages, and other incidents that could harm the servers.

TelWare operates strategically located paired switches in multiple Tier 1 data centers across the country. This diversity of locations offer high-availability through the replication of call processing functionality and session border controller clustering. Local and geographic server redundancy also means zero downtime on upgrades and repairs.

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  • Multiple paths are available to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) network including several carriers and gateway interconnection points for highest reliability.

  • 24/7 five-star remote service

  • FCC licensed VoIP provider with reliable service across the country

  • Network and dial numbers with added Voice, SMS and MMS capabilities available in all major markets

  • Local & Toll-Free numbering inventory with International resources in 70+ countries

  • Multiple Tier1 SMS and MMS gateway services

  • Large scalability handling thousands of calls per day

  • IP core at each location delivers high availability service

  • Reliable network uptime of 99.999% with the highest SLAs

  • Unparalleled automatic failover controls on Geo-redundant data centers

  • Autonomous system (AS) with complete Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing

  • Private IP address available from 1G to 100G

  • Comprehensive Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring. Real-time voice and data reporting of Quality of Service (QoS) help desk service on all inbound/outbound calls

  • Increase transparency with self-service monitoring using our APIs, data applications, portals, and client dashboard


  • Call capacity supports businesses of all sizes, serving customers from five to 5 thousand calls a day

  • Built-in TLS and SRTP encryption provide a secure method for managing authentication, protecting data integrity, and ensuring network privacy

  • 24/7/365 real-time network monitoring, alarm notification, including fraud and abuse detection

  • Dependable support for 911 and E911 calling whether available for multi-site and remote-site E911
  • 24/7/365 Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) operational protection in all data centers


Charlotte Based 

The world is exploding in disruptive technology and telecom cloud solutions. And TelWare is leading the way with quality products and service. We believe small mom-and-pop companies and corporate conglomerates deserve the same dedicated, personalized attention. Whether you are located in our hometown of Charlotte, NC or across the globe, we are here to serve you.


TelWare’s Summary of Services:

  • Dedicated account management 

  • Business telephone systems 

  • Hosted phone systems 

  • Call-center solutions 

  • SIP, PRI & analog phone service 

  • Local and long-distance service 

  • Toll-free & international service 

  • Multiple-site solutions 

  • Consolidated billing 

  • SD-Wan, Hybrid Wan & MPLS 

  • Cloud co-location & storage 

  • Virtualization & disaster recovery 

  • Structured cabling & infrastructure 

  • Managed network & IT solutions 

  • Carrier, telecom & IT consulting 

  • Unified communications systems 

  • Presence & collaboration 

  • Mobility solutions 

  • Meeting and video collaboration 

  • Office & warehouse paging 

  • Cell Phone boosters 

  • Access-control solutions 

  • IP video surveillance 

  • Merchant services 

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