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Unparalleled mobile capabilities and error-free records help your firm soar to new heights. Leverage flexible, streamlined communication, unparalleled mobile capabilities, and error-free record keeping.


How Can We Help?


  • Security and client confidentiality
  • No receptionist, or small office with limited staff


  • Instant call recording
  • Auto attendant – directs callers to the right person quickly
  • Unified communications – communicate on your terms, seamlessly
  • Conferencing
  • Voicemail to email
  • Local and toll-free phone numbers
  • Presence function displays availability status
  • Sound masking

Benefits & Impact

  • No “IT” guy required – we manage the entire system
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Support multiple locations, teleworkers, and mobile devices
  • Phone systems are no longer bulky or expensive
  • Professional first impression
  • Lower overhead
  • Flexible Solutions for Every Size

    The traditional law firm has a large office near or in the heart of downtown. Often, team members commute from distant suburbs to get to work. Many law firms are discovering that is a high overhead for a spacious prime location. The hours spent traveling is an inefficient use of money and time. Firms can save thousands by renting a smaller office. With TelWare’s technology, a firm's remote workers can work with the same efficiency. Commuting time is now spent working for the client.  

    Small law firms need a solution that delivers. Never missing a call, provide the kind of service that creates client loyalty. When your firm expands, our scalable solutions can support five to 3,000 users.

  • Streamlined Communications

    A robust communication system is essential for excellent customer service. Use one main number, making it easy for clients to remember you. Route calls to any staff member’s desk, mobile, or home phone. Call handlers check workers' “presence” status to see who is online. Even with several sites, every location shares the same contact number. Messaging, directory, and call routing are all in one unified system.  
    You can use your computer’s softphone or any other device to communicate with clients or staff. Access the speed dials and contacts stored in your personalized profile. Switch from phone to chat to video conferencing effortlessly. View contracts or documents on any device without a fax machine.  

  • Availability

    Lawyers are mobile, from meeting with clients to making court appearances. When you leave your computer’s softphone, you can change your status to “mobile” and send calls to your cell phone. If you are busy in court, your call handler routes the call to another hunt group. The caller can leave a digital voicemail and send it to your email.

    Hold meeting conferences from any location. Pulling up court documents or contracts as visuals when needed.

  • Record Keeping and Accuracy

    Law-firm professionals understand the importance of an accurate record keeping. With call recording, you can toss your sticky notes and record a conversation. File the recording for later reference or even send it as an email.  
    Your system can also keep track of your phone usage, making billing easy and efficient. Eliminate errors through automation. Track billable time and keep better records. 
    Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to first-rate customer service. 

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