Whether you’d like to install a brand-new system or build upon your existing one we have the answer. Our solutions will help you boost profits while enhancing customer service. TelWare helps many healthcare operations. Charlotte Radiology, MBX Medical Billing Experts, and Maestro Health are among our customers. We provide three significant functions: security, professional collaboration, and patient care.  


How Can We Help?


  • Healthcare operations are the top targets of hackers
  • Security in public buildings with hundreds of internet-of-things (IoT) devices
  • Growth accommodation
  • Access to patients in rural areas


  • Call recording (saved under the agent’s ID)
  • Secure chat and phone calls between staff
  • Remote patient care
  • Identification of equipment location in large buildings
  • Mobile check-in
  • Video conferencing with specialists in other locations (eliminating travel time)
  • Ability to display X-rays, MRI images and other visuals on a mobile device, while at the patient’s bedside
  • Real-time caregiver notifications
  • Mobile navigation tools for patients in large facilities
  • Sound Masking
  • SureCall Cell Boosters

Benefits & Impact

  • Enhanced security to prevent data breaches
  • Better staff communication
  • Improved quality of care and patient experience
  • Integration of varied service providers
  • HIPAA-compliant

Securing Patient Data

It is frightening scenario. Patients trust healthcare facilities to safeguard their private health records. Healthcare facilities are the primary targets of ruthless hackers looking for financial data – . ¹ Many healthcare organizations are ill-equipped to defend themselves. Billions of dollars can drained from the industry.²

TelWare is on your side. Our healthcare solutions fight malware and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. We use advanced segmentation technology. Ransomware is powerless by using virtual backup and recovery applications.

1. 2016 IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index, accessed June 2017,

2. Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data, Ponemon Institute, 2016, accessed June 2017,


One doctor rarely has all the answers when analyzing complex medical scenarios. Our communications solutions enable seamless collaboration. Use remote specialists or a patient’s care team solutions. Mobile applications, video conferencing, whiteboards or document sharing is easy. Clear communication and fresh perspectives can be the difference between life and death.

Patient Care

Long doctor visits often go hand in hand with frustration. The average patient waits an average of 24 days in 15 major U.S. cities. This is after making an appointment with their doctor. ³ Many rural residents travel long distances to get healthcare.4

Luckily, healthcare is undergoing a digital transformation. Patients can drop wait or travel time by scheduling a video-conference appointment. This is a future component of telemedicine.

For patients who prefer face-to-face consultations, TelWare’s solutions also improve in-office care. Before the appointment, patients can check in on their mobile device. They can locate the correct office using a navigation tool. During the visit, doctors can pull up MRI images, X-rays or other records on a tablet by the patient’s bedside. Doctors can rank the bandwidth-dominating application. Order virtual prescriptions and tests for patients. Inform patients or caregivers with real-time notifications. Doctors can follow up with a video chat or check the patient’s status with real-time analytics. The experience is simple and seamless, from start to finish.

Increased security to personalized patient care. TelWare’s healthcare solutions play an important role in maintaining client loyalty.

3. Bruce Japsen, “Doctor Wait Times Soar 30% in Major U.S. Cities,” Forbes, March 19, 2017,

4. “About Rural Health Care,” National Rural Health Association (NRHA), accessed June 2017,

Healthcare Solutions

  • Reduce medical errors and wait time, thus improving the patient experience
  • Improve access to specialists and caregivers
  • Increase physician and nurse mobility
  • Collaborate and diagnose patients faster
  • Improve the quality and transition of care
  • Decrease preventable readmission


  • "I just wanted to THANK everyone that came out last Thursday and was a part of installing our new phone system. You all did a great job! You were very professional and knowledgeable of the system and phones and helpful to our employees. It was a pleasure working with you."

    Vickie Funderburk - Info Systems/Human Resource
    Parker Medical Associates, LLC
  • "Thank You, for your prompt service by Jake and Micah to install our internet drops for our EMR installation process! Your service techs did a quick, thorough, and un-disruptive installation as was requested, and they kept the areas clean and neat!”

    Veva Moss, Bookeeper
    Charlotte Ophthalmology Clinic P.A

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