We understand the many challenges educational institutions face. We offer affordable and dependable solutions that fit their needs. A scalable cloud infrastructure provides a quick and continuous service for you. Many devices can access Wi-Fi campus-wide with a modern system. Manage your network access using your institution’s established rules. Students and staff can enjoy high-definition, modern video conferencing. Use interactive 3-D virtual classrooms for distance learning, collaborative projects, or meetings.

Administrators can prevent potential threats on campus. Lockdowns are a reality in today's world. A multimedia notification solution can help you alert predetermined groups. With advanced IP surveillance tools, your campus is safer. You need video cameras, paging systems, communications-enabled door controls, and emergency buttons for safety. 

TelWare’s education-based solutions make your campus connected and secure.


How Can We Help?


  • The pressure to meet 21st-century learning needs while facing tight budgets
  • Reduced higher-learning enrollment
  • New pedagogical styles including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and internet degrees
  • Equal access to education
  • Keeping up with technology-savvy students
  • Inconsistent network connectivity
  • Controlling bandwidth usage with BYOT initiatives
  • Monitoring large campuses for potential threats
  • Need for cybersecurity, user-access limits and private communication within specific groups


  • Distance learning among school districts, homebound students, campuses, and corporate partners
  • Virtual field trips
  • Office hours
  • Faculty meetings
  • Emergency management and response
  • Recruiting
  • Academic research collaboration
  • Expert lectures
  • Professional development
  • Real-time emergency messages sent to pre-established groups
  • Automated student enrollment
  • Immersive virtual environments
  • Separate private cloud networks for secure department communication
  • Sound masking
  • SureCall Cell Boosters

Benefits & Impact

  • Richer curriculum with more class offerings from academic leaders regardless of location
  • Broader reach of geographically dispersed students and corporate students
  • Increased student engagement with interactive video, content sharing, and visual learning
  • Innovative, campus-of-the-future image
  • Enhanced school-district collaboration and improved productivity
  • The capability of optimizing bandwidth usage by prioritizing educational apps over social media
  • Quality collaboration with HD conferencing and immersive virtual environments
  • Ability to set device and user permission statuses
  • Enhanced campus safety
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable

Education Hurdles

  • Connectivity

    Today’s academic institutions encounter several insurmountable challenges. Most curriculums need instructors to promote 21st-century learning. It includes information, media, and technology skills. The problem? Most schools say that delivering first-rate 21st-century learning is difficult. How do you support a growing BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)? Without adequate network connections or bandwidth, it is challenging to have these initiatives.


  • Mobile Learning and Collaboration

    Boost collaboration and student engagement. Your school needs easy and reliable access to online research. Students need testing, mobile-learning apps and distance-learning opportunities. With these tools, schools can prepare students for an advanced global society. 


  • Security

    Schools cite the physical safety of students and staff as a significant concern. Top-notch surveillance equipment is essential for preventing or identifying a potential danger. Schools need a method for delivering immediate communication to all during a crisis.

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