GenVox is an all-in-one cloud-based PBX solution that allows you to take your business anywhere at any time. With GenVox, you can communicate your way with seamless phone integration.

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Benefits with GenVox

Extend your reach beyond the landline or desktop phone with GenVox. Maintain the same identity when making or receiving calls from any location, regardless of your device. Increase business efficiency by enabling remote desktop operations over rapid high-speed local networks with GenVox's innovative cloud technology. Users are also able to seamlessly send an ongoing call from one device to another and continue that call without interruption. A powerful web portal manages voicemail, call history, and more. Have access to the web portal with consistency across all devices and optimize workflow communication. 

GenVox Mobile App

Gone are the days of waiting for calls at your desk or constantly missing calls when you’re away. Communicate your way with the ability to manage contacts, voicemails, call history, answering rules, greetings, presence, and more, enabling more efficient communication from a single location. 

With TelWare Cloud, Powered by GenVox your benefits include:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Dial-by-name Directory
  • HD Voice, Secure Voice

  • Communicate Your Way

    Effective communication in the workplace is imperative to business growth. GenVox is easy to use, and with unlimited business SMS, Video & Audio Meetings with screen sharing - your team can communicate professionally over multiple devices. By using the GenVox web portal, softphone, and mobile apps, you have the freedom to access your phone system from anywhere.


    With voicemail for everyone, your whole team stays organized and productive. GenVox captures your incoming messages and sends them directly to your email inbox with text transcriptions. Have your voicemail messages transcribed and sent via SMS with no additional charge.

    Man Using GenVox Mobile App

    Office Productivity
  • User Presence
  • Attendant Console
  • Call Parking
  • Multi-level Auto Attendant
  • Multi-site Options
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Phone Rental Option
  • Quality of Service Report
  • Call Reports
  • Music/Message on Hold

  • Support

    TelWare cloud customers benefit from our white glove service approach. With 24/7 monitoring and emergency support, you have peace of mind that your business is covered. Our team is prepared to provide the level of support you are most comfortable with. We are more than happy to handle all support remotely at no additional charge or provide admin training (and a full knowledge base) so you can manage the system yourself. With the TelWare support team, you will speak to a person dedicated to handling your request.

    Queue Features

    Queue features consist of call and SMS queuing, as well as queue voicemails. From our queue menu and options, we can categorize calls to fit company needs and set up customer callback features. There can also be customized Music on Hold for each queue and Queue IVR (interactive voice response). These will allow you to have perfectly routed options that get your customers to the right place quickly.

    • Call Queueing
    • SMS Queueing
    • Queue IVR
    • Queue Voicemails
    • Customer Callback
    • Categorize Calls
    • MOH Per Queue
    Queue Supervisor Tools

    Alongside our queue features, you will have queue supervisor tools at your disposal. Queue reporting and analytics allow you to better track incoming and outgoing call information for your business. With this knowledge, supervisors can adjust call flows and practices to better optimize time and resources. Skill-based routing and source-based routing are also key features at your disposal. Training resources will also be included, such as the barge monitor and whisper functions, allowing supervisors to listen and communicate with employees on training calls to ensure best practices within the company.

    GenVox Call Center Wallboard

    • Live Customizable Wallboard
    • Queue Reporting & Analytics
    • Barge Monitor and Whisper
    • Skill-Based Routing
    • Source-based Routing

For more information about the GenVox mobile-phone or the latest updates, please contact us at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a preferred phone system partner of GenVox.

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Or speak to a representative at 800-637-3148