An Advanced Voice-Conferencing Solution for Enterprises

Whether you’d prefer Conference Pro to accompany your existing system or a new deployment, TelWare can implement a voice-conferencing solution that satisfies your enterprise’s needs.

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Bridging Communication Gaps Between Large Teams

Has your enterprise been steadily growing? Do you need the capability of consulting with more participants or teams in voice-conference calls? A conference bridge can do exactly that.

A conference bridge is a server that can “bridge” the communication gap between many people from different locations nationwide—or even worldwide. Outside participants call a predesignated number and input a pin number to join virtual meetings, while your own employees can quickly join with a direct-access code. Moderators manage the meeting via a convenient web portal.

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Seamlessly Connect Individual and Teams

A conference bridge is highly useful to enterprises for many reasons. Effortlessly hold large training sessions for multiple sites, manage cross-purpose worker teams from different cities, or manage multiple vendors. Expand to global markets or explain complex problems that can’t be adequately addressed in an email. Gone are the days when three-way calling sufficed. TelWare’s Conference Pro enables large enterprises to seamlessly connect individual and teams, saving them time and travel expenses.

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Conference Pro Advantages

Decreased Travel and Expenditures

With voice conferencing added to your communication repertoire, you’ll no longer have to travel to talk with clientsor fellow employees at your enterprise’s additional sites. Remote workers can still collaborate in real time while at home offices. And sales teams with eyes on global or nationwide markets can eliminate long-distance travel, as well as the cost of transportation, meals out, or hotels.

Increased Collaboration and Speed

Voice conferencing encourages productive collaboration and the rapid exchange of ideas, giving your enterprise a competitive edge. Now that you can make decisions faster, your business will deliver new products and solutions for consumers more often. And expanding your client base will be easier than ever.

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