Optimize Your Enterprise with Cloud-Based Tools

SIP trunking results in immediate benefits for your enterprise. Not only will your calling costs be greatly minimized, SIP trunking supports multimedia capabilities, including video conferencing, cloud-based tools, presence, and instant messaging.

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We Will Help Through the Process

If your enterprise uses TelWare for other telecom services, you’ll be glad to know TelWare provides its own high-quality SIP-trunking services. We can help you streamline interactions with multiple vendors by serving as your main point of contact—so you don’t have to wait on busy third-party internet carriers for help. We’ll assess your needs. All you have to do is wait for the savings to roll in.

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Superiority to Traditional Phone Service

All you need is a robust internet connection from your carrier, as well as a SIP-compatible phone system and high-end router. As your enterprise leaves old technology behind and invests in the future, TelWare will help you every step of the way.

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SIP’s Benefits for Your Enterprise 

Low maintenance

Since a SIP trunk is virtually installed on your current internet connection, you’ll no longer have to pay for maintenance on physical copper lines that are often impacted by weather, age, or downed telephone poles.

Cost savings

SIP trunks are far less expensive than a traditional phone service, often giving you a 50 percent savings. For multi site enterprises on the same VoIP system, calls to the other sites are free.

And if your enterprise has offices in different countries, you’ll see even bigger savings.


For enterprises with remote workers or staff always on the go, SIP allows your employees to stay connected using mobile appsand the same dedicated business phone line.

Multimedia communications

Integrate the latest multimedia technology, from video conferencing to collaboration apps.


Instead of being billed separately for data and voice services, consolidate by having both services on one IP network. Another bonus is that your monthly bills will now be predictable amounts.


SIP trunks are easily scalable when your enterprise grows. New phone numbers can be obtained quickly—usually the same day—through programming, whereas traditional phone services can take up to a month to provision and install new lines. If you need to change your office location, say goodbye to the hassle of getting the phone company to move physical lines; with SIP, technicians simply make programming adjustments.


Access an easy-to-use administration portal to implement changes.

Disaster recovery

Reroute calls to mobile phones or other offices if your system goes down in a natural disaster.

Multi-location Ad-Campaign Tracking

With SIP trunks, you can have a presence in multiple locations using local numbers while still routing calls to your main office.The varied numbers assigned to different ad campaigns allows you to track responses, so you know which campaigns are working best.

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