Expand Your Business Capability

Traditional fax machines and fax servers can leave your business vulnerable to non-compliance practices. Transmitting faxes over insecure phone lines are to be avoided at all cause. Use SecureFax to expand your business capabilities, protect your patient's privacy and your business reputation.

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An Enterprise- Grade Mobile Solution

Always on the go? No problem. With SecureFax’s flexible mobility, you can transmit a signed fax — from contracts to purchase orders — at home or across the world with the device of your choice.

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Highly intuitive platform

Enterprises also appreciate SecureFax’s ease of use for complex tasks. Enjoy simple management of faxes for large teams or multiple locations with a highly intuitive platform. 

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SecureFax For Every Enterprise Type 

Secured Web Portal

Get instant notifications whenever a fax successfully transmits, no more missed or failed fax deliveries. Send/receive documents by accessing SecureFax through a web portal using a secure SSL connection. Transmission from the server to a recipient is always secured.


Your small business will have a dedicated phone number to send/receive faxes via email, versus an outdated fax machine. An email notification will alert you whenever anew fax has been received.


Switching to SecureFax can help lower the cost of office admin fees. No more equipment maintenance or replacing toner cartridges from a conventional fax machine.

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