Unified Enterprise-Level Tools

Because modern enterprises often have highly mobile workers, as well as multiple sites that redistribute staff, it’s natural that the communication requirements of enterprise-level personnel are high. First, they must be able to collaborate across departmental and organizational boundaries with speed and efficiency. Next, they require mobile capabilities that allow them to work anywhere, any time—while transitioning easily from device to device. Last, they need quick access to high-quality video, chat, and voice solutions, as well as fully integrated applications.

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The Easiest Transition You’ll Make

In the past, enterprises purchased on-premise unified communications (UC) systems to handle their business processes. Sadly, these additions resulted in lengthy overhauls, bulky hardware, complicated wiring, and long-term maintenance demands.

Now, however, enterprises are moving to unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) systems like OneCloud.

Because it’s deployed through the internet, OneCloud makes for a simple, clean transition with minimal downtime. To add to the convenience, TelWare delivers automatic upgrades, so your software is always up to date.

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Unified Communications as a Service

Dozens of Winning Features Under One Umbrella

OneCloud combines overall savings with a large suite of cloud-delivered features designed to make communication effortless. Only one solution can meet and surpass those demands: TelWare’s OneCloud UCaaS, a powerhouse of seamless communication, robust features, and mobile flexibility. Of course, these requirements must be accompanied by high levels of security and dependability. Moreover, unlike small businesses, enterprises need a single easy-to-use management tool that can gauge whether hundreds of users are adhering to company communications guidelines.

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OneCloud Mobile App on Iphone

OneCloud Mobile

Having the OneCloud mobile app means employees will never be tied to the office—or a single device—again. If they start a call on their desk phone, but then have to run to an emergency meeting, they can continue the call on the device of their choice—without skipping a beat.

To preserve professional identities, OneCloud guarantees that business caller identification is always displayed on all devices.

The best part? Mobile users still have access to all the unified-communications features they love, including presence, contacts, call history, team chat, and voicemail/transcript access—all in one easy-to-use interface.


OneCloud Features

Business Messaging

Instant messaging between individual employees and teamsfor collaborative purposesis intuitive with push notifications. For client communication, business SMS enables staff members to send and receives texts, as well as multimedia messages, from their business number to create a professional frontno matter what device is used.


Using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology accompanied by HD sound, conference participants can join virtual meetings through a browser instead of having to wait for a time-consuming download. Video conferencing means staff can spend less time traveling and more time being productive.

Fax Solutions

With cloud faxing, your enterprise will eliminate the need for space-consuming hardware, paper trails, and costly maintenance fees.

Auto Attendant

OneCloud’s automated attendant (AA) routes calls to the correct extension quickly and effectively without having to use a receptionist. Your enterprise can also save time and money by recording answers to common questions.

Your auto attendant is packed full of time-saving features:

  • Multi branch integration
  • Customizable recordings that highlight your business hours, location, special events, and more
  • Dial by extension
  • Transfer to ring group
  • Transfer to automated call-distribution system
  • Transfer to operator
  • Transfer to voicemail
  • Dial by name
  • Directory
  • Multilevel options
  • Repeat menu

With a TelWare install, your enterprise receives free assistance with creating and recording your enterprise’s auto-attendant messages; this courtesy is also provided for TelWare’s hosted and maintenance clients. If you prefer, we can also help you launch advance recordings of specific voices.

Visual Voicemail

OneCloud combines exciting voicemail features with the practicality of call management, so you have more control in an enterprise setting. Not only can you check your voicemail anywhere at any time, you can record calls, or choose transfer, copy, or move.

  • Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail allows you to view all of your voicemails in a list for quick skimming or prioritization. Caller ID information, as well as the time and length of the message, is available with visual voicemail.

  • Digital Storage

Because virtual voicemails are digital messages, you can save your messages to return calls at a more convenient time. Not surprisingly, enterprises prefer virtual voicemail due to quality assurance. If they receive or record messages that may need to be used as documentation, maybe even for legal purposes, the messages are easily stored for possible later use.

  • Simple Voice-Message Handling

Gone are the days of having to call into the system to obtain voicemail messages. Instead, the user’s current message status is highly visible—and one click accesses the user’s mailbox.

  • Voicemail to Email

TelWare’s cloud phone systems include voicemail to email, one of our most crowd-pleasing features. Essentially, your voicemail is delivered to your email as an audio file and a transcription, so you can be alerted of your messages on your phone even if you’re away from the office or in a meeting. The transcription is especially convenient for viewing emergency messages when you can’t listen.

Call-Center Capabilities

The majority of customers will pay more for better customer service—so strong call-center capabilities are a must. Unfortunately, when an enterprise grows too quickly, the customer-service experience often suffers first. OneCloud’s call-center services provides the following tools to ensure customers remain faithful to your brand—and your goals are on track:

  • Reporting Metrics Both real-time and historical data reports help you analyze whether you’re meeting your enterprise’s objectives. You have the option of using the provided report templates unchanged or altering them as needed.
  • Call AccountingRecord, categorize, and designate costs to your enterprise’s call usage.
  • Improved Customer Service – When you respond to customers in their preferred communication format—whether it’s voice, chat, or video—you create a long-term loyalty that won’t be easily broken. OneCloud’s call-center services can also help you identify average wait times on abandoned-call reports so agents can improve the overall customer experience. Calls can even be routed by such groupings as tech-support needs, caller location, agent skill, or priority levels.
  • Boosted Efficiency - With call queuing and call reporting, supervisors can ensure clients are quickly routed to the appropriate service representative with minimal wait time.Just as importantly, agents can utilize customer-relationship management (CRM) software to gain information about a customers history—and personalize the call based on the account information on their interface. Additionally, you can order and allocate incoming calls in ways that align with your particular business strategies.
  • Call Recording – With call recording, managers can provide performance feedback to customer-service representatives and check for consistency in call handling.


OneCloud Pricing

UCaaS is similar to a subscription service, making it an affordable option for any business that wants to avoid major upfront costs. With multiple plan options and tiered pricing, you can choose the OneCloud plan that best meets your enterprise’s needs. That way, you’re only paying for the services you actually use, and your fees are predictable and transparent.

For pricing information, please contact TelWare at 800-637-3148 or email us at sales@telware.com. OneCloud is an all-in-one cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service solution that allows you to take your business anywhere at any time with seamless cloud integrations.

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