The Power of Cloud Technology

With our powerful cloud technology, your company can access a vast array of business-boosting benefits geared toward large enterprises:

  • automated services for increased efficiency, customer service, and response time;
  • upfront savings in time and money;
  • high-level security, redundancy, and disaster recovery;
  • mobile capabilities from any device;
  • and much more.

Cloud systems are everything you need in one virtually delivered package. With so many advantages to leverage, the only question that remains is “When do we install our new cloud phone system?”

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Unified Communications as a Service

With a cloud phone system, enterprises will also be able to acquire dozens of advanced features through unified communications as a service (UCaaS). UCaaS is essentially a cloud-delivery model that delivers convenient collaboration and communication tools—and integrates with popular applications. Some of the most notable features include the following:

  • voice, video, and chat solutions, virtual voicemail,
  • call management, auto attendant, digital fax,
  • and call-center capabilities with reporting metrics.

After adopting UCaaS, businesses can attain a simpler, more affordable way to collaborate and communicate — with all of their features under one umbrella.

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Seamless Phone Integrations

TelWare’s OneCloud is an all-in-one cloud-based hosted PBX solution that enables you to take full advantage of all UCaaS has to offer. With OneCloud, your enterprise can communicate your preferred way with seamless phone integration. TelWare is your best ally in making sure your enterprise’s communication processes run smoothly. With TelWare’s maintenance contract, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your investment is always protected.

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Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Though cloud and on-premises systems each have their own strengths, cloud phone systems possess undeniable advantages in these areas.

Call Routing

To improve customer service, automated attendants can route calls to the best agent or queue based on a set of criteria, such as the caller’s preferred language or the agent’s particular skill set. Incoming calls reach their destination faster, improving the customer experience.


With on-premises systems, you pay upfront for a certain number of users, so they’re not the ideal option if you foresee a lot of staff fluctuation in your enterprise. Conversely, cloud systems are fully scalable using an easy-to-use interface, and they utilize a pay-for-what-you-use arrangement.


Your workers are constantly mobilemeeting with vendors across town, working at other sites,or holding training sessions. Because work spaces are often fluid and calls may need to seamlessly transition to different devices, cloud technology provides office functionality from any location.

Low Operating Costs

Because cloud phone systems are fully hosted and mirrored in multiple data centers, both the stress and cost of upkeep are removed. TelWare always takes care of our cloud PBX customers therefore remote maintenance and white-glove support are included. Your IT team will then have the time to pursue more money-making ventures or handle critical issues.

Reduced Equipment Costs

When you purchase an on-premises system, you need the upfront capital to pay for the physical hardware, servers, accessories, and setup. Oftentimes, you also have to pay for construction costs, so you have enough space to house the components. However, with a virtual system, there are almost no initial costs; you simply pay a monthly fee for the services you need.

Nontraditional Workers

Remote workers, as well as workers who rotate sites, are now commonplace. With a cloud PBX phone system, supervisors can easily manage a remote or multi location migratory workforce. Note that on-premises phone systems can handle mobility and multi site offices as well, but it’s much more expensive and complicated and usually requires additional equipment for connecting sites. Cloud systems are simply designed to be more flexible.

Long Distance

TelWare offers several cloud-phone-system plans with long distance included. Don’t pay extra for long-distance calls; instead, transition to one of our bundled plans.


TelWare customers rave about our reasonable international rates. With our $7.99/month international calling plan, we offer five-cents-per-minute calling to over fifty countries.

Toll - Free Numbers

Any enterprise can obtain one of TelWare’s toll-free numbers for a predictable monthly fee that’s added to your hosted bill. You can choose from 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers.

TelWare Phone Systems & Management

Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems Offered by TelWare

TelWare is proud to offer a variety of cloud business phone systems:

OneCloud - OneCloud is an all-in-one cloud-based hosted PBX solution that allows you to take your business anywhere at any time. Gone are the days of sitting waiting for calls, or constantly missing calls. With OneCloud, you can communicate your way with seamless phone integration.

3CX - With 3CX, you can take your extension wherever you go. With apps for Android and iOS, softphones for Windows and Mac, WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop wherever you go.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Also referred to as cloud PBX and virtual PBX, cloud-based phone systems use secure off-site servers, so the need for expensive and bulky on-site hardware is nonexistent. Cloud systems are easily and quickly deployed, since all you really need is power and a strong internet connection. And because TelWare monitors your network and provides regular updates, bringing you advanced performance and security, cloud systems are low stress and low maintenance for IT teams.

TelWare’s virtual PBX phone systems optimize your enterprise’s operations with an array of options:

  • Disaster RecoveryBecause cloud phone systems are hosted virtually, you’ll experience a peace of mind you never felt with on-premise systems or landline phone services. When lines go down due to a man-made or natural disaster, cloud systems maintain business continuity. If the internet is affected at one of your enterprise’s sites, calls can be easily rerouted to mobile phones or a different office site. Basically, if you have power and an internet connection, you can connect from anywhere.
  • Managed SupportWe gauge your network’s health 24/7, so small irregularities don’t become big ones. When you employ our managed-support services, it means your enterprise’s IT team has more time to spend on critical problems instead of network maintenance.It also means having a more reliable infrastructure, and there fore decreased operational costs.
  • Integration – TelWare’s cloud phone systems can integrate with the majority of major CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), and accounting systems, pulling together all the tools you need in one spot.
  • Hybrid Deployment SolutionsHybrid solutions are offered as a possible option for those enterprises that prefer a mix of cloud-based and on-premise characteristics, so your enterprise can leverage the advantages of both. On-premise is synonymous with control, while the cloud offers redundancy and ease of use. With hybrid, if one system fails, you simply reroute to the other system, resulting in minimal downtime.

On-Premise Phone Systems

On-premise phone systems (PBXs) are traditional phone systems that are physically deployed in your office or data center.The advantages of an on-premise system include full control and ownership over your system, as well as quality of service.

On-premise solutions are ideal choices for enterprises with unique settings, specialized configurations, or custom programming to address specific business needs. Your on-site IT staff members manage the system, or you can choose to have TelWare provide managed support.

Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems

Control The primary advantage of an on-premise solution is that you are in full control of what happens to your data. If you are an enterprise with privacy concerns, this fact is reassuring.

If desired, you can handle malfunctions internally. However, if your IT team’s time is limited or you are lacking enough technicians, another option is to have TelWare install a remote-access device and monitor the system for you.

Ownership While on-premise systems are a larger initial cost, your enterprise will fully own the hardware and software licenses you buy, which means nothing leaves your premises. This level of security gives many enterprises peace of mind. And of course, after the upfront purchase, the only continuing expenditures are for upgrades and maintenance.

Security Government entities,financial industries,and any other enterprises that have highly private information often prefer the level of security that an on-premise (or hybrid) system provides—despite the limitations and cost.

Voice Carrier You can keep the same carrier when upgrading your on-premise phone system. VoIP trunks can also be added to reduce calling expenditures. On-premise VoIP (often referred to as a hybrid system) can be more affordable than legacy systems because it is software-based instead of hardware-based.

Training TelWare trainers are happy to provide end-user training for your IT team.

Quality of Service On-premise solutions don’t rely on the public internet like cloud solutions do, and that’s why they sometimes have better quality of service (QoS).If you can’t accept the occasional hiccup in your system’s QoS, your enterprise may prefer to go with on-premise instead of hosted solutions.

Disaster RecoveryIf disaster strikes, on-premise solutions permit fail over to a different site.

Low Long-Term Costs While on-premise systems have much larger initial costs because you have to pay for the hardware, server, accessories, and installation, the long-term costs can be more affordable than cloud systems if your enterprise has a fairly static number of staff.

PBX Management

Buying, installing,maintaining, and updating your enterprise’s VoIP system is such a time-consuming challenge that many people would prefer to outsource the work to an experienced professional.

And TelWare is happy to oblige by providing top-notch managed phone services that protect your enterprise from the risk of communications system failures.

Maintenance-Contract Benefits

Our customers who hold our maintenance contracts will receive the following benefits:

  • Parts and Labor Coverage When your telecom equipment fails during standard use, TelWare will replace the broken part and install it for free.In addition, when your system malfunctions and the manufacturer only offered a typical one-year warranty that doesn’t cover labor, give us a call; we can help.
  • Priority StatusOur services are always in high demand, but when you need a part replaced or equipment serviced, our contracted customers are the first to receive guaranteed support from our highly trained technicians.
  • Included ServicesWhen you need remote changes, aid from our help desk, or new-staff training, we’re only a phone call away. If you need an on-site visit from one of our factory-certified technicians, or even special-equipment pricing, TelWare staff members are always available to assist our maintenance-contract customers.
  • Moves, Changes, and AdditionsWith the full PBX management package, we can take care of moves, changes, and additions at a special discounted price.
  • Easier BudgetingWhen TelWare manages your phone system, budgeting is much simpler with predictable fixed costs.
  • Faster Response TimeDuring those times a major system outage or emergency pays you a surprise visit, we promise a maximum four-hour response time, so you’ll never experience downtime for long.

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