We Streamline Your Carrier Services

Executives at your large enterprise are more than busy. And communicating with dozens of Internet-carrier vendors is just one more headache they don’t need. From pinpointing solutions to negotiating carrier contracts, we’ll remove the added stress. After all, streamlining is always the smartest strategy.

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Dedicated Technical Expertise

Everyone knows that calling a large Internet carrier, especially to ask technical questions, can be a long, drawn-out process. Calling often involves waiting in a queue line and getting transferred to representatives that lack the needed technical expertise. As your central point of contact for both Internet carrier–related services and all other telecom needs, TelWare strives to simplify your life.

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TelWare Services Provided

The TelWare Touch

TelWare finds satisfaction in serving as a knowledgeable neutral liaison—without the wait. Our managed telecom services include the following:

  • an examination of your current Internet rates, usage levels, and connectivity;
  • an evaluation of whether your existing bandwidth meets your needs or if technological advancements require adjustments;
  • the procurement of competitive rates from multiple carriers;
  • oversight of service changes;
  • reviews of post-installations and yearly billing;
  • aid in handling marketplace price oscillations;
  • and personalized white-glove service.

Most importantly, as agents for over fifty telecom service providers, TelWare knows the extensive range of voice and data choices available and can boost your enterprise’s telecom expense management by identifying savings.

“Telecom expenses are generally the third-highest overhead expense for a business,” says Bobby Lewis of TelWare. “It is not uncommon for us to find a 15-40 percent savings in this expense for our clients.”

TelWare’s Superior SIP Trunks

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) lines enable business phones to function via the Internet instead of traditional copper lines. Additionally, they allow simultaneous multimedia capabilities, including voice communication, instant messaging, and video conferencing.

Most large enterprises need a SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunk that accommodates hundreds of SIP lines, since only one line can be used at a time.

If you prefer to have TelWare install your SIP trunks instead of your carrier due to our personalized services, we’d be happy to oblige. That way, we can be your one-stop shop for all the telecom services you require, saving you time and effort.

Fiber Is Fabulous

Most enterprises are switching from traditional lines to fiber-optic cables. Why? Because fiber truly is unbelievably fast—even for large enterprises supporting hundreds of employees.

One hundred times faster than copper, in fact. As your carrier agent, TelWare can fully support your transition to fiber if your enterprise wishes to invest in the future by upgrading. We’ll be available every step of the way to take your questions and aid you through the process.

As a result, your enterprise will remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business world with the following benefits:

  • Speed Fiber is the fastest form of broadband technology available. Period.
  • Dependability Environmental factors from temperature to electromagnetic changes are less likely to affect fiber. Fiber also maintains strong levels of data transmission over long distances while copper’s transmissions degrade in quality.
  • Security Because fiber cable doesn’t radiate signals and therefore can’t be tapped, fiber is safer than copper.
  • Bandwidth With fiber, your enterprise will have one thousand times more bandwidth than with copper.
  • Cloud Access - Fiber supports technology ideal for large enterprises: SIP trunking, web conferencing, HD streaming, file sharing, and cloud applications.

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