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The Right Tools & Support

How does an enterprise logically orchestrate how software, hardware, and protocol rules will work in unison to effectively transmit data? And how can these multiple elements meet the varying needs of every enterprise, especially during today’s trend of software-dominant solutions?

Due to years of enterprise-level networking experience, TelWare can help. Not only can we provide the right tools, we can offer managed support to ensure your network maintains top performance levels and supports business growth.

Essential Hardware Components

Network Switches

Network switches are vital to the interconnection of multiple devices, including computers, printers, and servers—on your enterprise’s own network. Fundamentally, they can increase both capacity and speed. TelWare can navigate your network-switching environment to deliver the ideal network configurations for your enterprise’s goals.

TelWare supports a wide selection of multilayer switches geared toward multisite enterprise networks, including ADTRAN, Avaya, Extreme, and Ubiquiti Network’s UniFi brand. We also support over sixty virtual local area networks (VLANS). We ensure your network switching has a high quality of service and VLAN functionality so you can enjoy crystal-clear connections.

Switches logos Adtran, Avaya, Extreme Networks, and Ubiquiti


While switches connect multiple devices to create a single network, routers are networking devices that connect several networks. Like a gateway of sorts, they connect devices on your network to the larger public internet, as well as forward data packets based on their addresses to other devices on your internal network. TelWare will help you determine which enterprise-class network router will provide you with an affordable and efficient network setup.

Wireless Access Points and/or Cabling

TelWare also provides wireless access points (WAPs) or cabling to individual devices. WAPs do exactly what you imagine; they allow Wi-Fi devices to connect to a router, thereby extending the reach of your wireless network.

Enterprise Networking Services

Managed-Network Services

In addition to providing the physical infrastructure for your enterprise’s network, TelWare can help you manage it with tried-and-true solutions.

As you grow to new sites, our specialists will advance your network’s evolution and help you meet your goals. When your IT team is strapped with supporting core operations and implementing key strategies, it’s important they aren’t weighed down with tasks that can be easily outsourced—from bandwidth expansion to equipment upgrades. With TelWare’s managed network services, you’ll enjoy around-the-clock monitoring, as well as maintenance and technical support.

The Benefits of Managed-Network Services

  • Low network downtime — Proactive service, regular maintenance, and robust recovery systems assure that your computer network will run more smoothly with fewer glitches and minimized system failures or shutdowns.
  • Faster network access and dependability — Our team will identify warning signs early, gauge trends, and ensure your network is operating smoothly for unwavering reliability.
  • Added productivity — We’ll remove management complexities, so your IT team has more time to support critical projects.
  • Cost reduction — Pursue cost efficiency by taking advantage of our shared resources. Avoid costly repairs and data-recovery expenditures by optimizing your network. Reduce hiring needs by using our team of certified experts.
  • Increased compliance and security — Those enterprises with high privacy concerns will have assurance that advanced cybersecurity will protect their network.
  • Increased support — We provide the expertise of a managed network provider with the feel of an in-house IT department.

Network-Security Services

The increase in widely dispersed computer networks and remote work forces in an internet-based society has resulted in security challenges for many businesses. A network-security system must protect from internal and external threats and deal with criminals who access data or networks illegally. An effective network-security system will permit staff to work from any location with the knowledge that company private data is secure.

TelWare offers a variety of subscription-based network-security solutions devised to accomplish the following:

  • vulnerability assessment of such weak points as outdated software or unpatched systems;
  • protection of digital assets from the risk of external threats;
  • intrusion detection to alert administrators of a possible breach;
  • safeguarding of your network against virus infections and spyware;
  • endpoint security;
  • defense of sensitive data;
  • fail-over configurations for mission-critical systems that can never experience downtime;
  • multi-protocol label switching;
  • content filtering;
  • backup and recovery;
  • and HIPAA and PCI compliance.


Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a routing technique that prioritizes certain types of data packets. For example, MPLS networks can favor voice conversations and video conferences over general traffic by allowing them to have a faster traffic flow to their destination. This routing technique makes it easier to utilize available bandwidth and attain guaranteed QoS (quality of service), so your enterprise can enjoy clear real-time communication with clients and vendors.

Other MPLS Advantages

  • Multisite Connectivity, Plus Mobility

MPLS provides direct site-to-site enterprise communication and the ability to collaborate with colleagues through a single virtual private network (VPN). With the flexibility of cloud networking, your employees will benefit from congestion-free connectivity and mobility—regardless of their location.

  • Top-Level Security

MPLS allows a client’s data to be kept separate from other data streams and away from the public internet by directing packets along predetermined labeled paths through the network. It’s also not susceptible to the denial-of-service attacks that occur on a strictly IP-based network. As a result, MPLS offers enhanced security for banks, health facilities, or any other enterprise with tight compliance requirements.

  • Congestion Management

Network congestion occurs when a network link carries more data than it can handle. Most network-switching techniques transmit data by following the shortest path between two locations. While following the shortest path, however, the data may encounter problems that can result in transmission latency. MPLS utilizes algorithms to redirect traffic to nontraditional routes when congestion could adversely affect network users.

  • No Capital Outlay

MPLS does not require additional physical hardware—therefore, you obtain better security and quality of service without having to pinch pennies.

  • Enhanced Bandwidth Utilization

MPLS can facilitate a more efficient use of available bandwidth by allowing high-priority traffic to utilize low-priority traffic channels when necessary. Similarly, when high-priority data streams like VoIP are not in use, low-priority traffic can consume high-priority channels.


SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) provides businesses with peace of mind. Secure network connections are never lost or interrupted. Unlike traditional WAN’s or MPLS networks, SD-WAN provides security. Reliability, and scalable high-performance cloud connectivity are all a part of SD-WAN.


End-to-end encryption across the entire network. All SD-WAN connections are properly authenticated. Businesses will gain secured access to their local networks and resources.


SD-WAN deployment can include a mixture of configurations,routers, switches, or equipment.The deployment will be uniquely set based on customer’s needs, and specific network VPN configurations.


Easily manage and connect users to multiple network locations. Quickly direct a WAN connection to the internet or other secured site-to-site networks.


After the initial configuration, connectivity is monitored in real-time and managed automatically. Network monitoring prevents WAN link failures with application traffic flow.


Optimize the use of direct internet connectivity to enhance the performance of cloud applications managed for better data, voice, or video usage.

SD-WAN Superior Benefits:

  • Flexibility and easy visibility into the network.
  • Optimal secured access to VPN networks.
  • Improved cloud application performance and traffic flow.
  • Lower internet broadband and 4G LTE costs compared to MPLS’s.
  • Expect lower maintenance and WAN costs, with no added bandwidth penalties.
  • Low latency enhances and accelerates internet connections.

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