Cost-Saving Scalable Solutions

With the aid of several partners, TelWare has scalable solutions to protect your assets 24-7no matter how big your enterprise grows. Our video-surveillance technology successfully monitors a wide variety of oversized spaces including factories, loading docks, warehouses, campuses, public areas of hotels, banks, and hospitals. Video Surveillance technology can also monitor other oversized spaced such as parking garages and offices.


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Monitor the Safety of Staff and Visitors 

At corporate-sponsored events, surveillance is ideal for monitoring the safety of staff and visitors to help you avoid legal litigation. At major construction sites, surveillance cameras can prevent theft of costly construction materials and machinery—or help managers keep an eye on worker safety around dangerous equipment. If you ever have to investigate an incident, recordings provide all the evidence you need.

TelWare’s surveillance systems are compatible with most IP cameras and can be paired with access-control technology for a complete security solution.

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Convenient Remote Monitoring

Most of our surveillance systems provide a mobile application, allowing monitors to check in on their site anytime. Regardless of their location, they can use two-way communication with any camera on the system.

When a worrisome activity is detected through sound and motion, the app will notify monitoring staff via their preferred method. Using the app to take a closer look, monitoring staff can control on-site cameras by remotely panning, tilting, or zooming in. Recordings can also be initiated and viewed using the app’s dashboard. For night surveillance, infrared is available.

Because no one can be everywhere at once, TelWare’s surveillance systems can be your eyes and ears.

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