Music to Your Ears

In addition to announcements, your paging system can provide pleasant atmospheric music for a variety of enterprises such as hotel lobbies, retail chains, restaurants, waiting rooms of medical practices, and grocery stores.

Studies show overhead music creates a warm and inviting setting that can encourage retail and restaurant patrons to stay longer—and make more purchases. For staff, background music can decrease stress while simultaneously boosting employee morale. Create your own playlist or utilize a third-party media provider. Music adds that bit of magic that makes everyone’s day a little brighter. . . .

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Customized Paging Solutions

Whether your enterprise is seeking enhanced communication, overhead music, or emergency preparedness, TelWare can assess your enterprise’s specific needs—and then design, install, and maintain your ideal paging system.

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Emergency Applications

Every enterprise—whether it’s a campus setting or a hotel chain—should be prepared to efficiently address emergency situations. Such safety preparations include the installation of a top-notch paging system that can be used to inform building occupants of immediate emergency instructions.

A coordinated release of information maintains order for large groups of people—and reminds staff of proper procedures. Preprepared announcements can even be created for specific crises, such as fires. Other emergency applications include the following:

  • reuniting lost children with parents;
  • warning manufacturing or lab staff of malfunctioning equipment, chemical leaks, or other perils;
  • alerting patrons of inclement weather or closures, especially in outdoor spaces;
  • and signaling on-site security and staff of potential dangers.
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