Reduce Dead Zones

No, you aren’t stuck in a scary movie—and it’s not your mobile carrier’s fault. Most buildings designed for enterprises are tall and large—and use thicker materials that contribute to poor service. The following are common factors:

  • The taller the building in a densely packed city, the farther you are from antennas, which carriers usually place low, near sidewalks.
  • Concrete, metal, brick, plaster, wood, drywall, and fiberglass all reduce your decibel readings; concrete, metal, and brick are the worst decibel killers, however.
  • Modern office buildings usually have energy-efficient windows with tinted or low-E glass to reduce the heat from outside. Unfortunately, these materials often have metallic elements and reflect cellular signals in addition to heat.
  • Every large city has rows of skyscrapers for particularly large enterprises, but sadly, signals tend to collide in the spaces between them.
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Cell Boosters Improve Signals

A cell phone–signal booster connects with a cellular signal from an exterior antenna, boosts it, and retransmits the amplified signal inside via an indoor antenna. Essentially, if mobile calls right outside your office work, a cell booster should give you excellent results inside. In those situations when outside calls are ineffective, TelWare can still alter your booster kit to make vast improvements. As a result, you’ll enjoy these enhancements:

  • No more dropped calls
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Increased download speeds
  • Multi-user capability on one system
  • Extended coverage at your site
  • Improved battery life
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We Are Qualified to Help

As a SureCall-certified installer, TelWare is highly experienced at helping major enterprises combat spotty cellular signals. Because SureCall’s area of expertise is cell phone signal boosters and accessories, their FCC-approved technology can remedy the coverage and reception of almost any cellular transmission. SureCall solutions are designed to support oversized buildings up to 100,000 square feet—and can even aid multi-unit buildings, warehouses, commercial areas, and high-user offices.

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Optimize Business Cell Phone Use

In comparison to residential houses, office walls lower your enterprise’s cell signal by a factor of ten to a hundred1. Because today's workers are using their cell phones for both business and personal use with mobile apps, such poor cell reception in the workplace is unacceptable. Luckily, TelWare is here to resurrect your signal from the dead, so your work life feels a little more like an even-paced drama film instead of a horror flick.

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