Regulate and Control All Access

Almost all oversized facilities—including schools, hotels, prisons, government buildings, and larger offices—rely on advanced access-control technology to regulate who enters and where. And because the safety of everyone inside depends on that technology, you need it to be reliable and efficient.

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Customized Control Solutions

TelWare’s highly skilled technicians can give you the most updated tools to protect your site, whether it’s restricting access to specific areas or securing the entire location. And of course, our highly skilled technicians can recommend which access-control solution is ideal for you.

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Access Control Benefits

Employee Card Readers and Door Keypads

Card readers ensure that only approved staff members with your company’s entry-authorization card have access to your site. TelWare can install card readers at every entrance, as well as any inside door. These card readers support most smart-card formats, allowing for older-system compatibility if needed.

If your enterprise prefers keypads instead of physical cards, keypad stations are also viable options.

Visitor Closed-Entry Door Station

If your enterprise doesn’t need high-level security and you have a front-location monitor who can easily view incoming visitors from where he or she sits, you may only need a simple door station that locks. When your staff monitor sees and approves a visitor, he or she would press a button on a phone, computer, or desk to unlock an entrance door or gate.

Visitor Door Stations with Audio

If your enterprise doesn’t need visual confirmation of who is entering, then perhaps your enterprise only needs door stations with built-in audio speakers. Your in-office door controller would ask for the visitor’s name and the reason for the visit, and if approved, press a button to unlock the entrance.

Visitor Door Stations with Video and Audio

At certain high-security locations, such as schools, both verbal and visual confirmation is usually needed for office staff to give non-students access to inside the building. For this reason, TelWare offers network door stations with valuable two-way audio communication, video surveillance, and remote-entry control. For example, if a parent is picking up his or her child from school, office personnel can see the parent via video camera (and request ID if needed), ask the parent for the child’s name and teacher through the speakers, and then remotely unlock the front-entrance door.

If you have a restricted-access windowless IT room inside your office building, network door stations with video and audio provide extra layers of protection for indoor security.

Access Control Advantages


Regulate an entire site or a single area, whether it be outdoors or indoors, and change permission-status levels when employees are promoted, demoted, or let go. Choose between basic or advanced access-management systems.

Ease of Use

Easily control access to your site through the IP network. Run only one or two operation control point(s), even if you’ve installed many door stations.


For those enterprises using PoE (Power over Ethernet) with your access-control system, separate power cables to each controller aren’t necessary.


Feel confident you are protecting your facility and everyone inside with the best technology available.

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