It starts with a cable. A well-constructed cable system is the heartbeat of your technology.


TelWare can design, install, and maintain a professional Enterprise paging system that meets your most demanding requirements.


Regulate and control all access to your facility. Our highly skilled technicians can recommend which access-control solution is ideal for your enterprise.


IP video surveillance is essential to protecting your business from theft & other malecious acts.


TelWare can install a high-quality sound-management system that meets your specific needs.


TelWare provides Enterprises with cell booster solutions to enhance and provide better reception.


What Our Customers Are Saying

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John Knight

"I am writing you to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the structured cabling work that you all have provided. Specifically, the interactions with Jacob during this process have been outstanding. He always conveyed what he was working on and, unlike nearly all other vendors, accurately communicated when he would be done with each step. Even when needs changed, he would confirm his understanding of the request and quickly deliver results. In all of our dealings with Jacob, his dedication to delivering quality work was apparent and Morris Jenkins will benefit for many years because of it. I wish all of our vendors could operate with the same level of service that Jacob has provided to us. He sets the standard high and has made our involvement with TelWare one of the best vendor experiences of this entire new building process."

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Jerod Froetschner

"Our company hired Telware to complete a large commercial project of data cabling and resolve issues after original data cabling contractor walked off our job site and claimed bankruptcy. Within days of bringing Telware onto our project, they mobilized a crew to work on getting our facility where we needed it on an expedited schedule before our buildings commissioning event. After our commissioning, they continued to work a large amount of hours to complete our project within our needed timeline. They offer highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with a fantastic work ethic. I cannot thank them enough for their support to complete our project."

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