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Many enterprises are finding that it doesn’t always make sense to have their in-house IT team to take care of every aspect of IT operations. Why?

  • First, most internal IT teams don’t have time for lengthy, ongoing maintenance routines, such as updating software and implementing security patches. Instead, enterprise managers understand their IT team should be addressing the critical technical problems that can cripple integral business processes.
  • Second, internal IT teams aren’t available to conduct 24/7 monitoring of an enterprise’s systems because they’re often limited to business hours.
  • Third, enterprises need more clarity regarding IT consumption to maintain a predictable budget.


TelWare as Managed Service Provider

Enterprises are reaching out to managed service providers (MSPs) like TelWare for system monitoring, maintenance, or other technical support tasks. IT as a Service (ITaaS) essentially means that some routine IT operations are shifted to a third party on a pay-as-you-go basis. Outsourcing managed services is beneficial because it results in significant cost savings, increased security,and on-demand access to hard-to-find multi skilled technicians.

Of course, the subscription model of ITaaS is especially appealing to enterprises. All fees are highly predictable for budget making, and they don’t have to pay for services they don’t use. Even better, there are no upfront equipment costs,unlike the old days.

With TelWare ITaaS, your enterprise will enjoy the most up-to-date, secure infrastructure possible — at a foreseeable low cost.

At-a-Glance ITaaS Advantages:

  • IT standardization and simplification
  • Ongoing security patches and software updates to boost security
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Financial transparency regarding IT resource consumption
  • Continual monitoring and support during and after business hours
  • Predictable expenditures
  • Scalability
  • More time for your IT team to address core issues
  • Access to teams of highly trained experts with multiple specializations

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

A concern for every enterprise is the complexity of its telecom operations. After all, the more intricate their inner workings are, the greater the chance of billing errors, oversights, and unnecessary spending.

However, telecom expense management (TEM) can help large businesses maximize existing resources, locate favorable vendor contracts, streamline business processes, and eliminate inefficiencies—with the intention of saving you time and money.

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Why Use TelWare for TEM?

For many reasons, most importantly because of our unique, long-term relationships with a wide variety of carrier services, TelWare can aid enterprises in finding the most affordable and fitting voice and data options. Carriers will compete for your business, and we can adopt the role of mediator to obtain the most attractive deal on your behalf.

TEM Services We Provide

Software alone doesn’t do the trick. We can do the following:

  • Examine your current invoices for overcharges
  • Assess usage levels and cancel unused services
  • Conduct line analysis
  • Encourage the competition of carriers
  • Orchestrate the reduction of late fees
  • Supervise the disconnect or changeover of current services
  • Hold a post-installation review
  • Administer yearly billing reviews
  • Conduct account maintenance
  • Recommend arrangements for optimization, such as a transition to a different service plan
  • Locate savings on your telecom expenditures
  • Conduct an audit to pinpoint mistakes and reclaim funds
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Colocation Services

Your growing enterprise is already packed to the brim. How will you fit your bulky servers and computing hardware as well? Thanks to colocation services, you don’t have to. Colocation centers provide space in their off-site facility to store your critical IT infrastructure. In addition to leasing storage space, they provide connectivity, diversified power sources, security, and cooling for your equipment.

Colocation Benefits

Scalable Design and Intelligent Infrastructure: Colocation centers are designed with flexible and scalable racks and cabinets—with rails that can be altered to fit ever-evolving equipment sizes. They also offer airflow management and advanced cabling solutions.

Enhanced Security: Data centers are designed to be secure, since they house highly expensive hardware for top companies. Physical barriers, limited entry points, and advanced security systems with cameras provide 24/7 protection. Firewalls and continuous monitoring of technical irregularities guard against cyberattacks.

Reliability: Clean-agent fire-suppression systems, smoke detectors, and fire walls protect equipment from disaster. If the power goes out, emergency generators keep your integral infrastructure running. Frequent audits ensure colocation centers maintain high standards of reliability and security.

Risk Management: Your days will be worry-free now that your data is protected in a secure off-site location. Colocation data centers are key components of a comprehensive disaster-recovery plan.

Bandwidth: Colocation centers allow enterprises to achieve higher bandwidth levels when traffic spikes, and they only have to pay for the bandwidth used. Because data spikes are shared over time across multiple tenants in the center, expenses are lower.

Certifications: To prove your colocation center is meeting compliance standards, they can show you their achieved certifications, from HIPPA to PCI DSS.

Support/Experience: When your hosting environment is at a colocation center, around-the-clock top-notch support is readily available.

Redundancy: Enjoy peace of mind with redundant internet and power connections to maximize uptime.

Savings: Colocation permits enterprises to attain ongoing savings by sharing expenses with fellow tenants. After all, tenants are sharing the cost of high-level security measures and IT monitoring and support. Large enterprises also save money by not having to build a bigger facility after a growth spurt.

Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes. Malware. Fires. Equipment failure. Power outages. Even human error.

Any number of natural or man-made calamitous events can strike when your enterprise least expects it.

And when disaster hits, the consequences of not having a disaster-recovery plan are far-reaching, including data loss, system downtime, customer aggravation, and a complete halt in communication.

Thankfully, TelWare is highly experienced in providing IT business-continuity solutions, so the critical business functions of your large enterprise can continue as usual.

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How Can We Help?

Thankfully, TelWare is highly experienced in providing IT business-continuity solutions, so the critical business functions of your large enterprise can continue as usual.

Our experts can help you mitigate the impact of cyberattacks, recover vital infrastructure, and ensure your data is available and secure with our multisite data servers for redundancy.

We can also assist you in establishing a recovery plan in which calls are rerouted and auto attendants remain functional in the cloud; consequently, teams and clients can still communicate even when your physical premises have been damaged. As your perpetual partner when your world turns upside down, TelWare’s technicians are available 24/7 to make any needed changes remotely.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Ryan Stone

"Brian Clontz and his team from Telware exceeded our expectations on every level for the KCI move in Charlotte, NC. In all phases of the project, from planning to warranty, Brian’s team was on point and dependable. With the team from Telware, KCI was able to move 150 seats from one location to another on the other side of Charlotte in a 48-hour period without interruption to normal business operations. Brian and his team were a pleasure to partner with on this project, and we here at the KCI Information Technology department appreciate the effort and the long hours from the Telware team that helped make this project an overwhelming success. Thank you! We could not have done it without you!"

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Tracey Staley

"Great company! TelWare delivers a great product and excellent customer service! We have been doing business with them for years and will continue to do so. The employees go above and beyond for the clients!"

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