TelWare Brews Own Blend of Telephone Solutions for S&D Coffee & Tea.

The crisp aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts through the air along Highway 29 near downtown Concord, North Carolina, enticing passing drivers to awaken from their traffic induced tunnel-vision and scan beyond the road in search of the source of the nose tickling scent.

S&D Coffee & Tea, the nation’s largest custom coffee roaster and supplier of iced tea to the foodservice industry, has been producing custom solutions in the way of tasty hot beverages for their customers for years from their Concord based facilities. When the roasting giant recently outgrew its aging phone system, TelWare stepped in with a custom solution of its own to keep the tea party going.

Using the Avaya Server Edition phone system and network architecture, our technicians were able to blend together four sites with hundreds of users into a single unified solution. The system provided S&D with:

  • Call center capabilities using Xima.
  • More detailed call center reporting.
  • System-wide user presence for easier call routing.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • PRI and SIP trunking capabilities.
  • Reduced cost conferencing.

A seemingly tall order came in the form of linking 600 route drivers into the communications solution. Our engineers knew the fix would have to be much more than a couple of coffee cans on a string, and they were able to brew up the perfect concoction.

Leveraging the twinning capabilities of the Avaya Server Edition, each of the 600 drivers were assigned a virtual extension and a voicemail box on the system. Each virtual extension was then programmed to simultaneously ring on the user’s cellular phone. Drivers became instantly accessible to their clients without having to give out their cell phone numbers or have those numbers captured by caller ID. Now, dispatchers can simply dial four-digit extension numbers instead of ten-digit cell phone numbers to reach their drivers.

No matter what the flavor of your business, TelWare can create a custom communications solution for you, and at a price that won’t have you counting beans.

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