Today, TelWare spotlights Gypsum Management and Supply, Inc. GMS, a major independent distributor of construction supplies, is driven by their entrepreneurial spirit. Local yards freely operate and are locally managed. Each yard determines what is needed to best serve their customers and market. At your GMS yard, you'll see locally selected products and get expertise on local code requirements. This allows each GMS yard to provide the quality and attention you typically expect from a mom-and-pop shop – with the resources of a large corporation to back it up.

How GMS Works

Connecting GMS

Previously, each GMS yard was separate in terms of networking and communications. GMS approached TelWare with the task of bringing each of these yards together under one large nationwide interconnected data network – while simultaneously maintaining the autonomy of each yard. This request presented a unique challenge; TelWare needed to help over 150 yards maintain their identities while providing a unified communications solution for over 2,000 users.

In keeping with GMS’s individualized approach, TelWare is customizing each site install to fit that yard’s needs. TelWare technicians are remotely collaborating with each local manager to create a tailored experience in this joint effort. After all, at TelWare, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all for businesses like GMS. In addition, using Avaya IP Server Edition, GMS yards will be interconnected under one network. Each yard will maintain their independence with customized auto attendants and direct-dial numbers, yet employees will be able to dial extension to extension to any yard across the country.

The GMS project is giving TelWare the chance to spotlight many of our services such as:

  • Consultation and Design Services
  • Project Management
  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Center Implementation
  • Multi-Branch Integration
  • Warehouse Paging
  • Managed Phone Systems

TelWare is looking forward to aiding in the growth of GMS using innovative, tailor-made solutions.

To learn more about GMS, contact your local yard.

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