BTOP Improves Public Safety in City of Charlotte

TelWare Corporation is proud of its role in the City of Charlotte's wireless network upgrade funded by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). The project, which was completed ahead of schedule, upgrades the wireless network infrastructure of 14 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police divisions, 42 Charlotte Fire stations, and 950 vehicles.

The upgrade introduces new wireless capabilities to police and fire units in the field, allowing for increased presence and faster response times.

"The technology now is just as good in the car as it is sitting in the office," says CMPD Lieutenant Steve Huber. This means officers no longer need to go back to the office to complete paperwork.

"[Officers] are more visible to our community which means a higher perception of safety in our community," says CMPD Major Lisa Goeltz.

The technology runs off the Verizon commercial network, but provides a dedicated and secure network for public safety.

According to Charlotte Fire Department Deputy Chief Rob Kinninburgh, "We will understand your problem better. We will send the most appropriate resources to handle the incident. We will be able to get real-time updates, status checks of the incident and its progress, and be able to manage the resources of the Fire Department more effectively than we ever have before."

BTOP Improves Public Safety in City of Charlotte
TelWare's Role

  • Mapped existing network infrastructure at 14 police divisions and 42 fire stations (pre-deployment).
  • Cleaned up network infrastructure cabling where needed.
  • Replaced wall-mounted data racks at all fire stations.
  • Deployed customer provided Cisco routers and switches, and installed new battery backups at all locations.
  • Installed internal and external wireless access points.
  • Performed network conversion at police divisions in the overnight hours to minimize distruption.

Project Benefits

  • Data can be shared with units in the field at a more secure and faster rate.
  • Enables the use of high-end applications in the field.
  • Allows field access to video and text alert capture on social media, GPS mapping, detection of electronic monitoring devices, and police reports.
  • Supports the use body cameras.
  • 10GB ethernet increases productivity.
  • Wireless supports mobility within facilities.

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