To be productive, today’s enterprise employees depend on multiple modes of communication including voice and video calling, email, instant messaging (IM), voicemail and fax. Avaya one-X Portal is a web-based unified communications client that provides users control of telephony, conferencing, messaging, presence, mobility administration, and access to corporate and personal contact information all from one place. This Web-based client provides a simple, consistent interface to critical applications, giving users control of telephony, conferencing, messaging, presence, and more. It complements the office deskphone and supports mobile and remote workers from any location. Since one-X Portal can be used from any internet connection, it can play an important role in business continuity planning. It is also available as part of the IP Office solution for small business.

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Benefits of Avaya one-X Portal
  • Lower Ownership Costs
  • Work from anywhere and never miss an important call
  • Usage modes provide users options whether they’re working in the office, from a temporary worksite, at home, or from anywhere they have internet access.
  • Support for both H.323 and SIP communication protocols helps organizations standardize on a single softphone client for their entire enterprise workforce.
Features of Avaya one-X Portal

Communication Integration – Access all tools from one client including voice, high-definition video, voice and fax messages, audio/video conferencing, and communication history. Click to initiate emails and instant messages from Avaya one-X Portal via Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office Portal.

Intelligent Presence – Know colleagues’ availability and preferred communication options. See whether co-workers are online, on the phone, available to IM, in a conference call, traveling, or on vacation. Quickly determine the likelihood of reaching an associate by phone, IM, or high- definition video.

Instant Messaging – Users can chat in real-time with IM capabilities available directly within one-X Portal.

Visual Voicemail – Visual access to voice and fax messages with the ability to filter and sort. Users can focus on what is important and quickly refer back to important messages.

Visual Conferencing – Click-to-Join makes it easy to start or join a conference call. Users can see who is participating and speaking. Moderators can identify noisy lines and music on hold, and mute or drop the line from the call.

Video – Make high-definition video calls as easily as making a phone call. Unified audio/video features include call, transfer, forward, conference, hold, mute, call coverage. Make video calls to Avaya and compatible third-party video endpoints.

Click to Call – Call anyone in your corporate directory, Microsoft Outlook contact list, or a phone number appearing on a web page or in an email. Return calls directly from voicemail, call logs, or from your buddy list with a simple click of your mouse, or choose wipe-to-dial to begin a call.

Usage Modes – Select the best audio connectivity path to optimize performance while still taking full advantage of convenience of an all- in-one client. Take control of your office phone, make and receive calls from your mobile or home phone, or use voice over IP.

Avaya one-X Mobile

Avaya one-X Mobile extends the same corporate communication features you have on desktops to mobile phones and tablets, so your employees can be as effective on the go as when they’re in the office. Leveraging the corporate network and Wi-Fi, instead of cellular plans to deliver communications functions, helps you get the most out of your Avaya communications and mobile collaboration investment.

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