TelWare offers several different types of access control solutions. These solutions are put in place to provide secure access to your facilities. Access control can be used to restrict specific areas of your location, or your entire location. It can help to simplify employee turnover, as all you need to do is remove a former employee’s access permissions. TelWare partners with Axis to ensure that you keep your company secure and protected.

Network Door Controllers

TelWare provides door controllers that can be used to control access to doors, whether it be from outdoors or internally. TelWare has Access Control solutions for basic access management as well as larger and more advanced enterprise systems. This IP based technology allows you to easily control access to your entire building through the IP network. If you employ PoE (Power over Ethernet) with this system, you can eliminate the need for a separate power cable to each controller.

Network Door Stations

TelWare provides network door stations that combine two-way communication, video surveillance, and remote entry control. These devices can be used to communicate with the person requesting access visually and verbally. They can work on a “many-to-one” system, where there can be several of these devices set up at various locations in or around the office, but only one or a few operation control points. Visual identification is an essential feature to these devices that helps to keep your company secure.

Card Readers

Card readers are a great way to warrant who can have access to a building. TelWare can install card readers at your entrances, or any door internally. They provide secure entry for anyone requesting access with a card that has entry authorization. These card readers feature support for most smart card formats, allowing for backwards compatibility with older systems. Card readers are available with keypads so you may provide entry without a physical card.