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TelWare works with you directly to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple solution for your small business or a complex solution for a call-center environment, our project management team will bring your vision to fruition. The team takes special care to collect the information needed to create a positive, personalized experience. We evaluate the system and equipment you have, identify the system you need, and delineate how old and new can be successfully integrated to save costs while meeting your business’s specifications. Essentially, we make sure you get what you love – and love what you get.

We offer all customers a key contact person to guide you through the design and installation process from start to finish, ensuring the system that goes live on completion day meets all your business objectives. Dealing with one key person who is fully involved in your installation is vital for simplifying lines of communication and assuring a successful project execution. We will be on hand to offer expert advice whenever you need it.

  • Initial orientation meeting: Often called the “handoff,” this meeting serves two purposes. First, you will meet your main point of contact for the installation. Second, we will conduct a site survey, examining the configuration of the switch, desired features, and equipment layout and feasibility. This initial meeting helps TelWare plan for a smooth installation.
  • Business-needs analysis: We work with clients to identify specific needs and the customer-service model they wish to provide. This analysis ensures that TelWare customizes the system to guarantee a successful outcome.
  • Design and programming: Everything is programmed in our test lab per customer specifications.
  • “Go live” day: We aim to install with minimal downtime. Your key contact person, technicians and trainers attend the first day of service. The focus is very much on communication and “handholding” as your personnel use the new technology. Most initial training is accomplished on this day, depending on customer requirements.
  • Training: To maximize your investment and ensure staff confidence, our trainers visit the work site to familiarize employees with the new-system features. Our hands-on training allows each user to experience the communications tools up close and personal. How to transfer a call, how to record a voicemail greeting, how to “twin” a phone – these are all tasks that are taught on a live, working system. With guided instruction, your staff will become comfortable with the new system before they are placed into a real-world environment.
  • Post-evaluation and support: We conduct a follow-up to resolve any unforeseen programming issues or provide additional user instruction. TelWare offers a one-year warranty, which includes maintaining the system remotely. We also offer 24/7 emergency support to give you peace of mind.

When you choose TelWare as your solution architect, you also choose white-glove service from beginning to end. Our team demonstrates an unparalleled level of expertise and attention to detail that can only be cultivated over 30-plus years in the business. From turnkey implementation of your selected system to ongoing, dependable technical support, TelWare is committed to providing first-rate support and customer service.

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