The surge of BYOD (bring your own device) into the enterprise environment has brought with it a unique set of challenges to the WiFi environment. Trusted devices from executives, guest access, application control, authentication issues, and bandwidth control are all common issues that must be managed on local WiFi environments.

Without the proper tools and assistance, companies can get lost in the sea of data information, storage, and costs associated with increased WiFi usage. TelWare offers a range of products to manage anything from simplistic WiFi networks to large convention / area type environments supporting thousands of devices. Using top of the line products and expert technicians, we can install and manage anything from 1 access point to thousands, growing with you as your company expands.


As WiFi networks have become more complex the suite of available offerings has also increased. Customers want to create a stable environment for the users (both trusted and untrusted) while managing available bandwidth to allow the wireless network to function properly. Many client companies have experienced better control and cost management when they switch to our system and allow us to optimize their business.

Benefits of Wireless Management with TelWare

  • Easy User Management
  • Quick and Simple Application Control
  • Segmented access
  • Saturation Monitoring
  • Throughput Monitoring
  • Convenient User Portal