Make it a built-in – not bolted on – voicemail system

Today’s most advanced business phone systems integrate the voicemail functions and call management into a single platform. Only true integration of business VoIP allows advanced features and functions such as live call recording and the ability to attach Caller ID name-and-number information to voicemail messages for later callback, transfer, copying or moving.

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Messages are recorded as digitized files; the best systems maintain recorded voice quality that sounds like the original, while others greatly compress file to save storage space at the expense of the audio quality.

Many systems claiming to have integrated voicemail have merely placed the hardware board for the auto attendant and voicemail system into the same box with the call-processing system. Independent components won’t offer the advanced features found on a true, fully integrated system. Be sure to look for a fully integrated telephone and voicemail system that delivers all the productivity-boosting features you want and need.

Enough Voicemail Ports to Handle Your Needs

Another key in choosing a system is the number of voicemail ports (or channels) that are offered. Think of a voicemail channel as a lane on a highway: the more lanes you have, the more traffic the highway can handle. Many voicemail systems use as few as four voicemail channels. To get a larger number of voicemail channels, you pay more money. And that’s not the only limitation. In most systems, each voicemail channel must use one of the system’s call processing ports, diminishing the overall system capacity (lines and extensions).

Look for a phone system that supplies six or more channels for voicemail functions and does not diminish overall system capacity. As you add more phone lines and extensions, you will need more voicemail ports.

Easy Voice-Message Handling

The most advanced phones feature a fixed voicemail key on the phone for one-touch access to the user’s mailbox. These systems include displays on each phone and help the user by showing message status. During message retrieval, the display shows message length and Caller ID information (if service is available from your local carrier). Less capable systems only offer a blinking light, which forces you to call into the system to get the message or learn message status.

Voicemail to Email

Our most popular solution is voicemail to email. Get your voicemail sent directly to your email either as an audio file. This feature is included with TelWare's cloud phone systems. We can put you on our SMTP service or you can provide your own. Either way, this is a feature you don't want to skip. Most employees now get email to their phones. They'll be alerted anytime an email comes, allowing them to keep up to date with emergencies and forward those emails to other users.

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