What if you could subscribe to a single service that provides complete communications across the globe? What if you could incorporate the initial saving of VOIP with other digital communications such as messaging, video, texting, and conferencing, and extend them across the enterprise? This is the goal of cloud unified communications delivered as a service. Unified communications as a service (often simply called UCaaS) is a cloud delivery model that offers a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services, generally over the global IP network. With UCaaS, unified communications services can be made available from the cloud to enterprises.

UCaaS Keyboard

Communications in business goes far beyond voice. Effective unified communications assure the delivery of secure, seamless, and cost-effective communication and collaboration through multiple channels. Our business telephones are designed to increase productivity and yet are so easy to use that everyone in your organization can start taking advantage of their productivity-enhancing power right away. From voice to video, can be on different devices, anywhere the user needs it.

  • Low cost of ownership – With UCaaS, much of the previously needed equipment is cloud integrated. Gone are the days of premise equipment, everything is stored in our data centers. That means no hardware maintenance costs, and lower costs for repairs.
  • Disaster Recovery – With a team of technicians at your disposal, minimize downtime in the wake of disaster. Optimize your business to its fullest extent. Having redundancy is key. Know your data is safe and backed up in multiple locations to ensure maximum security.
  • Managed Support – Having managed support means less operational costs, increased security and increased support. You will have a team of technicians at your disposal without the cost. Managed support also includes monitoring the health of your network, so we can fix many issues before they arise.
  • CRM Integration – TelWare’s Cloud PBX can integrate with most popular CRM, ERP and Accounting Systems with your PBX. CRM integration includes click to call capabilities, linking inbound calls to the customer record, and all calls are logged in the CRM package. (Little photo of CRM compatible groups)
  • Hybrid Deployment Solutions – Part cloud, part on-premise, best of both worlds. Customers get the ease and redundancy that the cloud offers, with the stability of on-premise features.
  • Greater Mobility - Your employees have access to their extensions over the internet and on mobile devices — no matter where they reside! As a result, your employees aren't tied down to one work location, effectively reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Call Center Capabilities – From call queuing, call recording and call reporting, we have you covered. Keep your customer wait time to a minimum with call queuing and track all queue data. Call recording allows self-assessment of call-center representatives to ensure consistency across the board. Use comprehensive real-time and historical reporting to support your short- and long-term goals. Let our system optimize your business.
  • Mobility Applications – Having a mobile feature on your work phone makes communication in the office effortless. Access your office extension via mobile applications, computer software, or a browser-based interface. With mobility, you are no longer tied to the desk for communications.
  • Messaging – Send and receive text messages and IMs without third-party messaging systems at no extra cost. Conserve battery life by using push notifications with your instant messaging.
  • Conferencing – Our all-encompassing conferencing software seamlessly integrates with the office phone system. No extra subscription required. With WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) capabilities, your conference attendees can join via a browser without needing to download bloatware. Use video calls and video conferencing to reduce travel costs, improve productivity, and give yourself a competitive advantage.
  • Fax – Modernize the office, reduce cost on equipment, and be more eco-friendly all at once!

With unified communications as a service (UCaaS), businesses can realize the promise of an easier, more cost-effective way to collaborate and communicate.