On-premise phone systems (PBXs) are the traditional phone systems that reside in your data center or data room. On-premise office phone system solutions offer control, ownership, quality of service and more.


Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems

Control - On-premise solutions reside in your data center or data room and therefore offer you and your IT department complete control. You can quickly address outages and issues internally. On-premises solutions are perfect for a large company that would like to maintain their own phone system. Alternatively, TelWare can install a remote access device and maintain the system for you. Either way, after the installation, you can always contact TelWare for additional support.

Ownership - Although on-premises systems typically have a larger upfront cost investment, you will own the equipment purchased. You may see lower monthly costs after the initial investment. After the initial purchase, the only recurring costs are for maintenance and upgrades. Buying an on-premises phone system is an investment meant to last many years past purchase.

Voice Carrier - Your current carrier does not have to be changed when upgrading your on-premises phone system. If you already have a good relationship with your provider, you may not want to change. TelWare will do a complimentary cost evaluation to see if you have the best carrier services for your needs. In addition, VoIP trunks can be added to save on calling costs. On-premise VoIP (often referred to as a hybrid system) can be less expensive than legacy because it is software-based rather than hardware-based.

Training - TelWare trainers will give you the tools needed with professional end-user training for your staff.

Quality of Service - On-premise solutions run on your infrastructure. With hosted solutions, traffic runs on the provider’s WAN, which can compromise quality and reliability.

Disaster Recovery - Failover to another location in the event of a disaster or emergency.