Every business owner knows the frustration of having to deal with their local internet service provider. Time wasted in long queues and an unknowledgeable staff only adds to the frustration. TelWare’s approach is different. Using our expertise, we layer white-glove support on top of local internet provider’s service.


Avoid the pain of communicating with multiple vendors, following up, trying to win your business. With TelWare, you have a comprehensive overview of pricing to navigate your options to make the best decision for your new service provider. TelWare will navigate pricing fluctuations within the marketplace, optimization of bandwidth and connectivity type specific for your business needs.

Considering Fiber?

Many business owners like having a central point of contact to ask questions and help throughout the process of upgrading to fiber. By ordering your local services through TelWare, we will assist in the entire process with no additional charges. TelWare will evaluate which carriers are available in your area, helping you make the best choice.

Benefits of Fiber
  • Speed/Symmetric Speed - Not only is fiber faster than your traditional provider, it’s symmetric. With fiber, you can upload just as fast as you can download. That means no slower upload speeds you are familiar with from cable and DSL connections. In addition to fiber’s symmetric speeds, you will have lower latency. Latency is a term used to describe delays that occur while processing data over an internet connection. While you might not notice a small hiccup while surfing the web, latency issues will cause frustrations when using high-definition video and hosted phone systems. Reducing latency is essential if your business wants to utilize today's hosted-phone-system technology.
  • Reliability
  • Cost - You may be considering switching to fiber for your business. As with any change, there is a cost. In the case of fiber, the benefits typically outweigh the costs. The price associated with upgrading your office to a fiber-optic Internet connectivity infrastructure might be lower than you expect. This might not be visible right away to a small customer, but you need to consider the long term. Paying a slightly higher price for fiber internet over the old coax cable internet will allow you to utilize cost saving measures in other parts of your business. For example, you may be able to move off of your old phone system and onto a hosted phone system, removing on-site equipment and repair costs. Your business could also utilize video conferencing features, cutting down travel costs and time.
  • Security - Fiber cable is more secure than wireless or copper because it cannot be tapped into as easily.
  • Bandwidth - For growing companies, it’s relatively easy to "hit the cap" on your cable internet bandwidth. Businesses rely on the internet more and more. As you become more connected to the internet, each of those connections take up bandwidth. You want to make sure you get ahead of the data bottleneck. With fiber, you can upload to clouds, stream HD video, use SIP phones and use many other services over the internet without fear that you don’t have enough bandwidth.
  • Cloud Access - Fiber's significantly higher speeds and bandwidth allows your business to utilize technology such as:
    • SIP trunking
    • Web conferencing
    • Streaming high-definition video, such as a training video
    • File sharing
    • Cloud applications
How do you get a fiber connection for your business?

TelWare can help with that. In addition to telephone systems and many other services, TelWare specializes in connectivity consulting and structured cabling.