Conferencing is a great resource that businesses of all sizes are utilizing. Through the use of voice and video conferencing services, businesses can expand their client bases more than ever before. Technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business across multiple locations. With expanded conferencing services, these can be deployed beside existing systems or as part of a new deployment.

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Benefits of Conferencing

Reduces Travel Costs

You can eliminate the majority of your routine travel expenses through the use of video conferencing. Businesses enjoy the immediacy of real-time conversations from their home offices, without having to invest funds into transportation, lodging accommodations and daily expenses.

Improves Productivity

Businesses collaborating over distance using verbal and non-verbal cues process information quicker. Since you can see as well as hear the person you’re speaking with, it is easier to stay focused. Decisions can be made faster, and various assignments can be completed sooner.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing supports the exchange of a wider range of knowledge. This creates a competitive edge for businesses. With the ability to make decisions quicker, your business can release new products and services into the market more frequently.

Effective Video Conferencing Tips

As a leading communications-solutions provider we understand that video conferencing is reaching the forefront of business correspondence, and want to offer you tips to ensure you're communicating effectively and getting the most out of your meetings.

To make your video conferences effective, you have to be an efficient video operator. We advise arriving early for your meeting so you can set up all your equipment and run a brief test to ensure the camera is functioning properly. Having a backup communication medium, like email or a messaging program, is also a great idea. If the video feed cuts out at any point, your conversation can still continue without interruption.

It's also important to pay attention to your setting. Make sure the room you're conferencing in has adequate lighting. Wear neutral, muted or pastel colors, as stripes and plaids can cause distracting effects on screen. Use natural gestures. Moving quickly can create confusing effects on the screen. Remember to fill as much of the video frame with yourself or others as possible.

During a video conference, hearing is just as important as seeing. Check your audio device prior to the actual meeting. Allow the person to introduce him or herself to make sure you can hear them properly, and always speak in a normal voice. Next, test your microphone by asking if the person you’re speaking with can hear you. Then, during the conversation, keep your microphone muted when you’re not speaking to cut down on accidental interruptions.

"Incorporating our tips into your video conferences is a great communication solution for businesses ready to expand their client base," says Canipe. "We have noticed that video is an excellent tool that can reduce travel costs, improve productivity and give you a competitive advantage.”

Conference Bridge

The problem with meetings, however, is that today's mobile workforce does not always allow for in-person meetings. Whether the reasons are logistical or economical, conference calls are a cost-effective alternative. Many businesses use conference calls to connect employees and ensure everyone is working together efficiently and effectively.

"In the modern global economy, in-person meetings are often unrealistic," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "With conference calls, you can reduce travel expenses while empowering people across locations to meet any time, from virtually anywhere."

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a solution for including larger amounts of people in your conference calls. A conference bridge provides that exact solution!

A conference bridge connects large numbers of people participating in conference calls. The "bridge" is a server that acts like a telephone and can answer several calls at the same time. The result is an enterprise-class "meet me" conferencing solution where participants can dial into the preassigned phone number and input a PIN to access the conference. The conference moderators usually can manage participants through a web portal.

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