The Need for Co-Location

In today's data-driven environment, it can be difficult for many businesses to keep up with the staggering increase in digital assets. Businesses like yours have servers, storage, and networking equipment to supply their growing business needs. With this need comes cost. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for the capital expenditures necessary to run your business, consider using co-location to solve your problem.

Co-Location is simply moving your infrastructure components into a secure facility where someone else provides the secure space, connectivity, power, and cooling for your equipment. Charlotte is ranked as the 2nd largest banking center in the US. With such designation comes many options for co-location services from multiple providers. Let TelWare help you navigate the viable options for your business.

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Co-Location Benefits with TelWare

  • Infrastructure and Design: The standards of co-location facilities are top notch. They provide conditioned power, generators, cooling for heat-sensitive equipment, security systems and 24/7/365 monitoring. These conditions are designed with your business in mind and try to optimize space to help save you money.
  • Extensive Security Measures: Data centers are built for security. They are protecting millions of dollars in hardware and are designed with the best quality to ensure maximum safety for your company.
  • Risk Management: You can sleep soundly knowing your data is in a secure off-site location. Many businesses use data centers as their "disaster recovery" so that they can function like normal if there ever was a disaster that could harm them, saving time, money, and helping company image.
  • Bandwidth/Scalabilty: Bringing in 100 mbps of bandwidth might be hard at an office location. Try bringing in 1gbps or 10gbps, it could be impossible. Co-location centers have large bandwidth pipes receiving connections from multiple providers, giving you all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.
  • Certifications: We know that certifications are a much needed requirement that some in-house hosting may overlook. Data centers already hold all these certifications, saving businesses thousands of dollars per year.
  • Support/Experience: Having support for your business is key. By co-locating your hosting environment 24/7 support can easily be added. Data centers have experts on call for peace-of-mind at all hours.
  • Redundancy
  • Location, Location, Location!
TelWare helps businesses innovate their communication every step of the way. If co-location seems right for your company, contact us for more information.
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Or speak to a representative at 800-637-3148