As agents for over 50 telecommunication service providers, TelWare is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the maze of voice and data options available to them. Like an insurance agent armed with products from a range of insurance companies, we offer our clients a broader perspective than a salesperson employed by a single provider and selling only that companies products and services.


“Telecom expenses are generally the third highest overhead expense for a business,” says Bobby Lewis of TelWare. “It is not uncommon for us to find a 15-40 percent savings in this expense for our clients.”

Acting as a consultant to your carrier selection process we will analyze the existing billing services and rates, determine usage, perform line analysis, solicit for competing carriers, manage the disconnect/change over of the existing service, perform a post install review, and annual billing review and account maintenance.

TelWare can also save you 40-50 hours worth of meetings and reviewing options by doing all of that for you – 10 appointments with four different phone companies each trying to sell you something or two appointments with TelWare, your consultant, doing research on your behalf. By working through TelWare to procure your telecom service you can ensure a stable relationship between you and your service provider.