3CX Unified Communications Solution

It’s a complete unified communications solution, which includes features such as web conferencing, presence, softphones, smartphone clients, and more — without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX.

3CX Advanced

Out-of-the-Box Unified Communications

With out-of-the-box Unified Communications features such as presence, voicemail-to-email, and instant messaging your employee productivity is bound to see an increase. 3CX also includes integrated, plugin free web conferencing which includes advanced features for ultimate collaboration.

  • See presence of colleagues
  • Deliver faxes & voicemail to inbox
  • Web conferencing for all

3CX is a software-based PBX which runs on mainstream operating systems, and works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX. Used by more than 250,000 customers globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.

See Presence of Colleagues

The ability to view the status of other colleagues (“Presence”) is a great time saver, avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags, and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever. Need some quiet time to complete a project? Customize your status and prevent any annoying disturbances.

  • Avoid unnecessary transfers of phone calls that irritate customers
  • Visible from all 3CX clients: Mac, Windows, Android, & iOS

Instant Messaging & Chat

Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third party messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers. Your employees can send and receive chat messages via the 3CX Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients from anywhere.

  • No need for third party chat software
  • No additional cost
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android
  • Cross-platform communications
  • 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer

TelWare Installation and Management

As a TelWare customer, your cloud service includes 24/7 technical support. Because 3CX is software-based, it can be easily managed by your team of IT administrators without the need for special telecom skills.

  • No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training
  • Central Control from the 3CX management console
  • Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, SIP Trunks
    3CX Advanced

Take Your Extension Anywhere

3CX includes clients for smartphones and Mac or Windows laptops that allow users to use their office extension from anywhere, seamlessly integrated as if they were in the office. Not only are all calls to the office free of charge, but

employees can leverage one single number and make a professional impression.

  • Take your extension everywhere you go
  • All calls are free of charge slash your mobile phone bills
  • Increase productivity work from anywhere
  • One number No need to give out your personal mobile number3CX cell apps

Integration with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Mobility is a no-brainer for 3CX, which includes powerful softphones for Mac and Windows, as well as smartphone clients for iOS and Android. Answer calls via your office extension on your smartphone or control your deskphone from your desktop with CTI mode.

Decrease your Telephone Bill and Increase Sales

  • Never miss a call! Your customers can hang up and still retain their position in the queue. They’re automatically called back when they reach the top of the queue.
  • Review how long your customers have waited in a queue before your employees took the call and see the amount of answered and unanswered calls.
  • Improve customer service by screening calls with the Listen-In, Listen and Whisper and Barge-In feature.

Massively increase your employee’s productivity by providing advanced call features such as real-time call statistics, wallboards, SLA alerts, a selection of queues and more!

3CX Web Meeting: Online Meetings and Video Conferencing Made Easy

Attend meetings around the world with the cutting-edge technology of the WebRTC-based 3CX WebMeeting. Hold face to face meetings at the click of the button! How? By using 3CX WebMeeting which is WebRTC based and eliminates the use of clients. 3CX WebMeeting, is an easy-to-use web conferencing solution that transforms the way you communicate and collaborate within your company and with customers. Save time and money by hosting your meetings online.

Say goodbye to plug-ins with WebRTC

3CX WebMeeting uses WebRTC technology to enable video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser. Participants can now seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional plug-ins.

  • Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call
  • Clients using WebRTC
  • One-click conferencing
  • Individual WebRTC call link for each user

3CX webinar

Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call

Cut travel costs with integrated web conferencing. When plain old voice communication just isn’t enough, 3CX’s integrated video conferencing solution saves you travel time and money by allowing users to connect and collaborate in real-time and enjoy face-to-face communication wherever they are. Today online meetings need more than video presentations must be high definition and crisp audio quality as if you were there. Share your screen to demo software, or point users to a particular website using the co-browsing feature. Classroom features, such as polling and feedback, allow you to keep your audience engaged. Assist your customers by offering them Remote Control of their PC and hand over the meeting control to another participant.

  • Eliminate expensive web conferencing services
  • Visualize a sales pitch with video
  • Host effective webinars using the classroom features
  • Assist customers with screen sharing and remote control
  • Impress your audience with perfect quality presentations

Ten Advantages of 3CX Phone System

  • Software based easy to install & manage
  • Inexpensive to buy and expand
  • Work from anywhere with iOS & Android clients
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure & server hardware
  • Save on your phone bill with SIP Trunks & mobile / remote clients
  • Integrated video conferencing using WebRTC
  • Better customer service with advanced call queues
  • Integrate with CRM & accounting software
  • Standards based use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks
  • Personal Click2Meet URL

Key Features of 3CX

  • ACD call center
  • Automated attendant
  • Blacklists
  • Call detail records
  • Call forwarding
  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Call parking
  • Caller ID
  • Cell phone extensions
  • Chat messaging
  • Conference bridge
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Easy management
  • External call transfers
  • Integrated applications for phones, laptops, and tablets
  • Mobility solutions
  • Multilocation support
  • Music on hold
  • Music on transfer
  • Presence detection
  • Ring groups and hunt groups
  • Situational call forward
  • Three-way calling
  • Web browser click-to-dial
  • Web conferencing
  • WebRTC integration
  • Video conference
  • Voicemail to email

For more information about 3CX, please contact us at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a 3CX Titanium Partner and leader in cloud technologies.

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