The hospitality industry has faced many challenges, including a global recession, a credit crisis, natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks. But now, the industry is recovering. Global room supply is growing, occupancy rates are recovering, and average daily rates are catching up.

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Hospitality Solutions Deliver Personalized Attention and Repeat Business

While looking for ways to save as well as grow, hospitality communications solutions help enable business strategies:

  • Get customer attention, starting at first contact, by improving call routing to the best resources.
  • Boost productivity by providing mobile communications to your staff.
  • Differentiate your guest experience by offering advanced, yet easy to use communications options.


  • Unique offerings are needed to attract and retain guests
  • High staff turnover
  • Balance customer services with cost pressures in a modest recovery  Grow occupancy rates
  • Improving hotel performance


  • Video conferencing guest services
  • Video to home, office, front desk
  • Live site visits with meeting planners
  • Expand attendance at on-site hotel conferences with video attendees
  • Manage global properties
  • Distance learning for new employee orientation
  • Video interviews of global job candidates
  • Video communications for crisis management (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, emergencies)

Benefits and Impact

  • Differentiated, personalized guest experience with easy-to-use video service
  • Increased guest satisfaction and repeat business
  • Reduced cost of new hire training and improved level of service from well-trained staff
  • Increased event and conference sales with face-to-face sales video meetings
  • Increased productivity of staff and management across multiple sites
  • Expanded reach beyond hotel property

The Hotel of the Future

High end hotels and casinos are always in competition for clientele. Check out the video below to see how Avaya imagines technology will be used to create the ultimate guest experience.