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What Is the Best Call Reporting Package for Avaya IP Office?

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Avaya IP Office is an outstanding value for the SME (Small to Mid-Sized Enterprise).  It comes with many mobility and unified communications features standard. Avaya is a leader in the telecom industry with over 6000 patents and drives innovation and technology research. TelWare is proud to have deployments across the country and is the premier… Read More »

End-of-Life, Has Your Phone System Reached It?

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Customers often ask us, “What is the average life of a phone system?”  The typical answer is around eight to ten years, but this rough estimation does not define the many variables that could influence your decision to replace your current phone system.  In fact, most systems reach their end-of-life through retirement, long before they… Read More »

Hello?. . . No, It’s Fine. . . I’m Awake (Now)

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For busy executives of mid-sized businesses, there are constant meetings, both onsite and remote; conference  calls; video calls; projects; and deadlines to meet.  I often have lunch with business owners or IT managers who are hyper-connected due to clients having direct access to their personal cell phone number.  They can often be heard asking a… Read More »

New Ways to Save on Telecom Expenses: Line Pooling & Line Bursting

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If your organization has multiple sites and you are interested in saving some serious bucks on your telecom expenses, this post is for you!  Here are a couple of new technologies that can help you reduce your telecom expenses: Line Pooling and Line Bursting. Line Pooling Line Pooling is the ability to share dial-tone lines… Read More »

Save a Bundle When Establishing Local Presence in Remote Cities

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Do you know how easy it is to have a local company presence in other cities?  You might think that this is an expensive proposition.  Well, it used to be, or it still may be if you don’t know about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) numbers and SIP trunks. If your company services cities beyond the… Read More »

Avaya Unified Communications for Business

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  Companies of all sizes are increasingly being challenged to maintain tight operational schedules and meet customer demands – all while walking the razor’s edge of diminishing IT budgets and limited resources. For many Charlotte businesses, an Avaya unified communications system can increase efficiency by integrating multiple real-time communication services into one source. Businesses now have the ability to accelerate… Read More »

OMG! How Long Does it Take to Learn to Use a Phone?!

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Everyone can agree, training is one of the most important elements of implementing a new technology system. But, when I tell a new customer that a typical business phone training class runs an hour to an hour and a half, what I hear is, “It’s just a phone . . . how long can it… Read More »

Business Networking Equipment Maintenance

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It may seem trivial, but even small fluctuations in temperature or humidity can increase the chances of damage to your business’ network equipment. Routers, switches and servers are designed to function within a fairly narrow temperature range, so it is important to maintain a consistent climate in your network closet. By doing so, you are… Read More »

IP Security Tips

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IP-based systems have revolutionized the way businesses communicate, allowing users to work from remote sites while keeping in touch with their most important contacts. Unfortunately, with those benefits come increased security risks. As one of the nation’s leading business phone system providers, we know a thing or two about secure lines of communication. Remote workers… Read More »

TelWare Tips: Cloud Security Fundamentals

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When it comes to cloud security, users are often concerned about where cloud data is located and how secure that location is. At TelWare, we understand that users are often concerned about the security of their data storage systems and are always looking for ways to protect against unwanted access. We’ve put together some cloud security… Read More »

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